We provide an on-premise and online Property Management Solution that handles each and every facet of the property management and operations. It allows you to manage your property operations, staff and customers globally. It covers every aspect of business right from Marketing, Sales, Accounting to maintenance of properties. Being a simple and easy-to-use powerful web-based property management solution, it helps in meeting the unique needs of the small-medium property agents and owners.

  • Login with sales manager account to create product ( villas, apartments, buildings, offices...) attributes and variants / products
  • Add the Property Location or Address and it's Property Type for easily founded by customer/visitor
  • Third  Add attachment which can be downloaded by the customer / visitors from the website

Workflow Scenario:

Visitor/Customer visit your website and search for product/property which you want to lease for certain period.  Visitor/Customer can view detail of property on product shop page and also use view details button which will give detail information about property/home/office.Visitor/Customer can send online request which will create Lead in backend.

Sales team can checking all leads during day and reply to visitor/customer about details they need and communicate with them using open chatter at bottom of lead/opportunity form.

Sales team can fill some more information on lead form like tenant and owner details. Sales team can arrange meeting with visitor/customer and show site location physically and give more information.

Then Sales team can submit quote to customer. (On quote form sales team has to fill details of tenant and owner manually again).On confirmation of Quote system will create contract / agreement ( using module contract_recurring invoice analytic
  •  On confirmation of quote it will also book that product/property for that period selected on quote as start date and date date so this property will not be available for future visitors/customers until it will unserved in future after completing/closing agreement. (Add to cart button will be hide in webshop.). 

  • System will also consider cancel sales order flow in that case it will make available that property and unreserved it for new customers.

  • Every month/period system can create invoice/receipt to tenant to pay rent. (Using module contract_recurring_invoice_analytic).

  • Miscellaneous: You can create property types, set property location, customer/visitor can view property location in google map in website, visitor/customer can download documents for property in website. - System keep record of rental history of every property. System can allow you to print agreement with tenant and owner details.

Features of Property Leasing Management

  • Allows user to create user defined Building Types, Room Categories & Rooms
  • Offers flexibility to define Pricing policies for various customer groups
  • Provision to define Deposit Schemes at the time of booking

Report :

  • A. Provision to define 'n' no. of user defined report layout
  • B. Auto generated email to the customer on booking
  • Graphical representation for availability of Rooms, Booking chart..
  • Flexible booking entrty with higher authority approval
  • Powered by event based email functionality

Inbuilt reports like :

  • A.Total Booking Status
  • B. Customer Category wise Booking Status
  • C. Room availability report with multiple filter criteria (Buidling, Room Category, Room No., From Date – To Date etc)


  • Full GL Accounting for properties, tenants, and owners: You can print the invoice proforma right from sales orders.
  • Accept online payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard Credit cards from your tenants
  • Property managers can pay owners , 
  • Generate invoices and send via emails
  • Property managers can pay owners
  • Reports and Dashboards to monitor occupancy
  • Consolidation of accounting diaries. Simple display and overview of all diaries month after month for better readability.

    Intuitive setting of basic parameters is possible thanks to the progress bar right at the opening side.  


  • Provide your owners and tenants tools to stand out as the best in your area.
  • You can have a website to promote your company and listings online
  • Give your owners access to valuable property data  
  • Store and share important documents with owners and tenants
  • Keep track of maintenance and repairs

Leasing & Management

  • Managing leases, tenants, and vacancies is easier than ever
  • Receive rent payments and take maintenance requests
  • Automatically post your vacancies to your website
  • Tenant Contract / agreement management
  • Inquiry will be created as lead which will be done by the sales user and then on processing it will be Convert to Opportunity by click on the "Convert to opportunity" Button.
  • After the get inquiry request from user sales person will contact customer/visitor and get more information and arrange meeting for site location visit etc..
  • Built-in email communication with your tenants, owners, and vendors

Holiday Rental & Property management

  • We have a holiday property rental management solution.
  • Post properties for holiday short term property rentals
  • Send invoices to customers
  • Manage the properties: It can be includes Property T & C. Files, Other documents which can allow customer to get more information of property, and / or Images, etc....
  • Property Description: It is dynamic list so you can have your own description list by different kind of features/facilities you are providing on that property.

  • Note : Commission to sales users, other users and external partners/agents always will be in company currency. Multi currency is supported for this module so sales order/ invoice / payment can be in different currency but system will take care for it and create commission lines in company currency. So you do not have to worry about it.

More features you may like

  • Synchronize your accounting with Quickbooks and Xero
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot CRM
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