School & University Management

    University Management system is a multi-purpose University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library etc.  Using University Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students' statement becomes just a few minutes' job 

    • User-friendly control panel with the login access
    • Open features for managing Timetable, Examinations, Attendance, Grade-books, Campus News, Hostel, Library etc.
    • Comprehensive services to the Finance department, HR department and also other departments of the institution

    Features of NEG


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    manage  library books with View/Edit/Delete/Add books options, Add books with custom tag facility, Filter book using available filters, Normal and detail Search for a book, Manage book issue and returns, Initial library setting for courses available, Issued/Renewed book status, Manage books renew.

    Human Resources

    Manage all employees from admission to exit, Customizable admission form, Manage entire payroll efficiently, Customizable and robust payroll form, Efficient leave management system available, Authenticated pay-slip approval system, One click pay-slip approval and reject facilities, Normal and advanced search facility.


    Basic education institute information , Multiple Language Support, date configuration for  country  , currency,  time   zone .Other general settings like enabling grading system as per school/university campus requirements, Activate SMS module, Set SMS configuration for alerts to be sent to  specific  contact   numbers for respective actions.

    Attendance & Timetables

    Quick and Easy marking of attendance, Note / Remarks  for attendance can be given, Integrate with hardware devices RFID and Biometric, Alerts on various options, Timetable creation in advance, Edit/Delete timetable facility available . Create and Manage Daily attendance sheets or Monthly attendance sheets.


    Upload and download notes/assignments for the teachers, Online submission of notes/assignments by the students, Teacher can download the assignment submitted and can give the comments on the same via inbuilt document management system with FTP,  Webdev  , file system and database storage options.

    Admission Process

    Comprehensive admission form with Unique ID for all students with photo, Multiple guardian addition facilities, Emergency contact facility, Previous education details can be recorded and Customizable as per school standards. Create admission register to initiate " admission process". You can set fees details, time duration. 

    Calendar Managements

    Display Events, Examination, Holidays and Dues in the calendar, Separate color for each action as categorized items, Display all information about view of all items on hovering over the color spot on the calendar,  Monthly view of all items, Easy navigation of calendar daily/weekly/monthly.

    Hostel Management

    Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of Hostel and different types of Rooms,  Create room for the hostel, adds provided facilities,  Allocate rooms to the students, Create hostel fee collection date, Pay hostel fee, View hostel fee defaulters, Change rooms for students


    Easy interface to allow end user to design their own dashboard with required information. Various views like grid, form, graph, chart will make layman users understand analytic data easily. Integration with LMS such moodle with BigBluButton for interactive eLearning System.

    Functional Applications

    System including with : Human Resouces, Point OF Sale for canteen management, Stock/Inventory, 
    Invoicing with Accounting , Faculties/employees live collaboration with Parents using Discuss application, emailing, Professional Sociology-network, website e-library, online library, etc.. 

    Examinations & Transport

    Create different types of exams based on grades, marks and Group exams if required, Online exam integration with moodle, Extensive Reports with multi-dimension views, Statistical and Graphical view of all reports, Automated, quick and on-demand report generation with GPA, CCE and CWA Evaluation methods. .   Add/Edit/Delete the vehicles and routes for vehicles, Add destination and cost details, Get Transport Details, Transport Fee facility and receipt generation.


    Comprehensive Fee classification system, Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process, Easy analysis of fee defaulters & fee structure, Easy fee submission process, Fee import facility for faster system use, Manage/Pay instant fees entire expense and incomes, Customize manage different category of expense & incomes, Different Report generation facility, Automatic transaction, Pay-slip approval system,   Manage  Asset Liabilities & Donation

    An All-Inclusive ERP Solution for Education Management System

     This Software is actually an Open-Source service of Enterprise Resource Planning Education Management System. Our innovative product, OpenERP/ODOO Education Management Software is surrounding the software of educational management system that is appropriate for universities, schools and colleges and it offers amazingly beneficial facets and attributes.

    The main purpose of OpenERP/ODOO Education Management Software is to handle any school’s administration with its extremely advanced attributes and facets. The running of all resources is completed in a well-centralized manner, however, within a solo administration module.

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